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Bodhran & Tin Whistle Workshops - for Beginners

I have been giving workshops at festivals for a few years now and I am a firm believer that people should be able to walk away afterwards being able to play something.


I am tired of “workshops” where the audience doesn’t get to join in and have fun as they learn.


My workshops are geared towards the beginner and those who are trying to improve, although they can be adapted for the more experienced player. They are “hands-on” workshops and people will be encouraged to participate. Please feel free to bring along instruments.

Bodhran Workshop


Topics covered include: -


  • How to hold the drum and beater.

  • How to prepare the bodhran for playing.

  • How to play the 2 basic rhythms in Celtic tunes i.e. Jigs and Reels.

  • How to go on from this starting block.

  • Extra rhythms and styles as time allows or depending on the skill of the audience.


Tin Whistle Workshop


Topics covered  include: -


  • A few types of whistles.

  • Basic fingering.

  • Some basic tunes.

  • Some simple ornamentation techniques.

  • More advanced ornamentation as time allows, or depending on the skill of the audience

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